The association was created during the war in ex-Yugoslavia. Present on place, it was a mediator (since 1992 in Bosnia-Herzegovina) and sent convoys.
In Paris, the association organised several demonstrations, for exemple on March 8, 1999 in favour of a ground intervention in Kossovo.
   We are the instigators of a French parliamentary engagement aiming to create a Report about the responsibility  in the giving up of Srebrenica and Zepa in 1995 that leaded to a genocide.
Today, the association is about to lodge a complaint against the French accountables.
   On the other side, Europe Alternative supports the Chechen resistence by organising demonstrations and other actions with Comité Thétchénie from Paris.

On this site, you can also find press articles about the UN operations in Sierra Leone and in Sudan, as well as about the slavery in Mauritania.

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UN Reform

New Chart

Sierra Leone

Europe Alternative is sponsorized by POPLOB

Human Rights Watch Report

Amnesty International Report
MSF Report
Torture Victims Center
Us mission to aid Sierra Leone
UN should reject amnesty : HRW
UN should reject amnesty : AI




slavery film (ZDF, CSI)

Angels In Sudan

Christian Solidarity International

American Anti Slavery Group

Anti Slavery International (London)

Coalition against slavery in Sudan and Mauritania

South Soudan

1926's slavery convention


Letter of a russian soldier in Tchenokosovo

War Crimes In Chechnya and the Response of the West

The Independant

Chechnya: 'Medical evidence' of torture

Russian sadists beat, tortured inmates in Chechen "gulag": reporter

Russia in denial

Tales of Horror Emerge From Chechnya prison

Human Rights Watch


Mauritania : against slavery




Child soldier
Street children

Trafficked women

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Allow oppressed people to defend themselves ... An utopia ?

Everything happens as if great powers were hostile to this self-defense,
assimilated as a private war, and susceptible to involve retaliation from
the victim camp.

In fact, an army composed of volunteers from victim populations, trained by
professionnal soldiers, constitute the best answer to the peacekeeping problem,
and a moral obligation of paramount importance
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Impunity encourages crime : if we do not capture todays's war criminals,
we give a free hand to tomorrow's ones.

Bosnia and Rwanda's International Tribunals aim to arrest and juge war criminals
from these two countries.
Not only we are far from arrest the indicted persons, but these indictments are
far from covering all severe crimes commited in those countries

Seing the particular abject exactions commited on Sierra Leone civilian by RUF forces, it is imperative that a tribunal would be created for this Country.


Massacres en Tchétchénie : un document officiel accable l'armée russe
Tchétchénie : le Conseil de l’Europe propose la création d’un TPI

General News

The rise of the "rego-cops": how local powers are becoming the new peace-keepers
Should we privatize the peacekeeping ?
Africa's peacekeeping problem
NATO Should Promote Responsible Arms Sales

Sierra Leone News

Security Council Supports Rescue Operation In Sierra Leone
U.N. Praises Sierra Leone Rescue
Sierra Leone: Human Rights Watch Letter to U.N. Security Council
Decisive U.N. Action on Sierra Leone Urged
US Press For Nigerian To End War In Sierra Leone
Can Sierra Leone Afford A War Crimes Tribunal?
Real and credible justice is needed
War Crimes Trial Should Be Held Outside Sierra Leone
British Military Chief Expresses Security Fear
UN Court To Try Sankoh
Children forced to kill
Rebels get arms through Burkina Faso
Child fighters vow to twart rebel advance
Real help for africa
Africa abandonned
Africa man-made pain
The World's Insensitivity and West Africa's Impending Horrors
UN must not forget civilians
New Peacekeeping Authority Needed in Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone: Expedited UN Criminal Tribunal Urged
UN alone can't save Sierra Leone
'Rent-a-cops' from U.N. not prepared for Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone: U.S. Urged to Support Criminal Tribunal
Letter to U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright
Kosovo got more attention than Sierra-Leone
Rights Groups Call For "Two-Track Approach" On Truth And Justice
We Are Sorry, Say Sierra Leone Leaders
International Silent Treatment
Rebels Rape Women, Children In Sierra Leone

Sudan News

No End In Sight To The Deadly Sudan Conflict
300 'Freed' Sudanese Slaves Disappear From Government Custody
Talking Peace In The Killing Fields Of The Nile
Bashir Invites Opposition For Reconciliation Conference
Sudan: Terrorism Issue Resolved
Spurned Sudan, Looking for Foreign Support, Says It Has Changed
Fighting the slave trade

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